Thursday, April 24, 2008


Bassinet from Oh Happy Day.
Oh my goodness, I love this bassinet. Unfortunately Jordan bought it at a sample sale, and it's from France. I love the dark wicker and the unique shape. I remember Callie sleeping in a bassinet as a baby. You wouldn't need a crib for quite a while. I'm keeping my eyes peeled. One question though, do you keep the bassinet on the floor??
Cariboo Classic Bassinet from Simply Baby Furniture.
It's a bit pricey, but another crib alternative that I love. Is it reproducible??

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Minimalist Oak Desk

Maggi's Minimalist Oak Desk from Design*Sponge.


  • two 6-ft. oak boards cut into two 5-ft. long sections and two 5-in. long sections
  • three 4-inch metal L brackets
  • stud finder
  • electric drill with drill bits and screwdriver bit
  • twelve 2 in. long wood screws
  • (optional) tung oil


  1. I bought oak boards from Lowe’s and had them cut them to size and cut smaller pieces for the sides.
  2. I drilled pilot holes for the screws in the top and bottom board (see picture below) and then screwed each side to the bottom.
  3. I mounted the top to the wall using the L brackets brackets screwed into three studs
  4. I then screwed the bottom and sides to the top and it was finished.
  5. Afterwards, I rubbed it down with tung oil to protect it, which darkened the wood slightly but retained the matte finish."
Could also see using this as clothing, toy, or cd storage.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mossy Address

From "Keep your address green" at Daisy Chain. Originally from Cottage Living.
"a weather-worn wooden box filled with sheet moss and Irish moss to announce your street address. It only needs a watering once in a while and a few spritzes with the spray bottle to stay green and healthy."


Hoop-dee-do Bulletin Board from littleprettystudio, found via Marta Writes

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sketching party

Sketching Paul from Oh Happy Day.

Obviously, I'm going through Jordan's archives to snatch up any good ideas.
This party was for her husband Paul. She had everybody draw portraits of him. Then there was a contest to choose the best.

Wheat grass

Wheat Grass from Design Mom & Party How-To from Oh Happy Day

I could probably find directions for this anywhere, but I wanted to make note of the idea because otherwise, I know I will never remember it when I need it.

Good idea for party decorations, party favors, Easter baskets--what else?

Jar of Whimsies

Jar of Whimsies, sold by One Good Bumblebee; found via Oh Happy Day.
What a cool gift! Granted it's a dust collector, but it's a cool one!! You could even personalize it by personality.

"best vintage trinkets and most whimsical treasures and painstakingly place them into jars and call them whimsies.... The 30-ounce plastic jars are packed with over 100 items including glass glitter imported from Germany, vintage cotton spun mushrooms, ribbon, gold foil leaves, glass vials, millinery supplies, vintage beads, vintage costume jewelry, vintage lace, clothespins, typewriter keys, jingle bells, vintage marbles, wooden spools, sugared fruits, antique skeleton keys, vintage game pieces, watch parts, foil dresdens scraps, miniature toys, vintage swizzle sticks, charms, and so much more."

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Christmas wrapping

"Pretty Presents" from Oh Happy Day.
Want to keep this image for Christmas gifts this year. I love the copper and sage green color combination.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Tote bags

A bevy of tote bags from Martha Stewart Crafts. Found via Oh Happy Day archives.

Maybe the key to this year's Christmas presents!! Everyone gets a personalized tote bag, with fun goodies inside. No need for wrapping that way. Hmm, can I make a man-friendly tote bag?

"Start with a plain canvas bag from a crafts store, and approach it just as you would (suitably enough) a blank canvas. Do you want to add a modern design? Pretty labels? Handy pockets?
Many bags can be transformed with one easy technique: ironing on a design. Vary the art or lettering you affix, and you can customize totes for different family members or specific activities. (Try our Books and Knitting templates, scan art from books, or download from CD-ROMs or the Web.)
Other add-ons involve only simple stitching. Create inside dividers with one quick trick: Sew in a row of pockets from a children's apron. Or fashion outer pockets from fabric. You can spruce up handles, too. Line them with ribbon or replace them with twill tape.
Your tote will hold new appeal -- and not just because of what it's holding."

Nursery Organization

Jackson Calder's Dressing/Changing Area from Apartment Therapy: OhDeeDoh
Another great nursery setup. You'd think I was yearning for a baby or something. Really though, I just want to keep track of these ideas for when that day finally arrives.

This is a great way to organize clothes and small toys in the nursery. I love how it's not baby-specific stuff. Pieces that can be adapted for use later, even in a totally different room. I also like the color scheme of the cloth boxes. Also, note the soft blocks that spell "JACK" on top of the shelves.

Here's what Jack's mom, Kelly, had to say about it:
"We didn't really have much money to spend on new furniture in our nursery. We had the large Ikea Expedit in the room already and really nowhere else to put it. We knew we also needed place for a crib, a chair, a dresser and a changing area. (In fact the crib was the only new piece of furniture we got) We decided to turn the bookcase and dresser into a changing/dressing area similar all the ones we had seen in stores. This also solved our problem of where to put the dresser.

We gave the old brown dresser a new paint job and bought some fancy new hardware. We decided to build a little back to the dresser since there were three cubbies that were somewhat unusable due to the height of the dresser. This way we now actually have 9 cubbies that are hidden behind the dresser which are great for storing things that Jackson is too young for. The rest of the cubbies are where we keep all his clothes. We bought all the bins at Target. Each cubby is for a different item such as pants, onesies, sleepers etc. When he is on the changing table it is much easier for me to just use one hand to reach in a bin and grab a new shirt. I used the label maker to put little labels above each cubby (mostly for my husband). We even have a few extra cubbies for a stereo, toys etc. As for the dresser, the bottom two drawers hold all his sheets, blankets, and towels. The top drawer is for all his cloth diapers. (yup... I said cloth) ;)
My favorite part of this solution is that we only spent a few bucks on paint and wood for the dresser, and the cost of the colored bins. In fact the only new piece of furniture in the room is the crib and that was a gift. I like the idea that you can take something you already have and find a clever solution for it that is practical, saves money, and keeps older furniture from becoming trash."

House Blocks

House Blocks from Pomme Shop, found via Oh Happy Day.
More wooden, simple toys that I just love.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Stack of benches

"Benches in a stack" from Martha Stewart Home & Decorating

"If all the bookshelves you find in stores are too tall, too wide, or too unwieldy, consider stacking sturdy wooden benches to make a streamlined shelf that's just right for your space. Ours is made from three benches; two would work as well, but don't stack more than four. Paint the benches (we used a latex semigloss paint) to suit your decor. To assemble, stack 2 benches. On the front of each leg of the top bench, drill a 45-degree hole (centered 1 inch up from the bottom of the leg) through the leg and partway through the top of the bench below. Use a long wood screw to attach the pieces (screw size will vary depending on the thickness of your bench legs). Repeat on back legs. Stack another bench on top (if desired), and repeat to attach. Fill and finish the holes."

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Stripped Tin Boxes

Stripped Tin Boxes on Martha Stewart Crafts, found via Oh Happy Day
Jordan says to look for old cookie tins at the thrift store. I just might have to make a trip this week. And buying the paint stripper might actually encourage me to start on the refinishing projects for our bedroom.

"Look for attractive shapes -- beneath the worn exterior is a bright surface. Work in a well-ventilated area, preferably outdoors; if you work indoors, wear a protective mask. Cover your work surface with newspaper. Remove paint with nontoxic paint stripper, following the manufacturer's instructions. Use a razor blade to peel remaining paint from the boxes without damaging the underlying surface. With medium steel wool, remove rust spots, and smooth away pits in the metal; sand any resulting scratches with fine-grain sandpaper. Polish the boxes' surfaces with metal or tin polish for a rich, mellow shine."

Felt Food

"The Handmade Felt Food Pool" found via DesignMom
There will be a lot less plastic in my house if I substitute those nasty-looking plastic foodstuffs with creative felt toys, like these. Think of the menus one could design.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Chalkboard Decal

From "chalkboard decal: my perfect solution" on SimpleSong.
Wouldn't this be wonderful in a studio, in a classroom, or even in a mudroom? I wouldn't have to commit to painting a whole wall, but it's much lovelier than hanging a bulletin board. Their cheap at Wall Decor Shops, and they have several different colors, too.