Thursday, July 31, 2008

Another IKEA changing table

"Trofast as Changing Table" found via LemonCadet.
"So when I saw the Trofast system at Ikea, I did some measuring and came up with this idea. We bought the stair-step piece and the single unit. Mr. Lemon cut a piece of plywood 1" larger than the changing table pad. I had some teal fleece in a bin so I cut it to size, wrapped it around the plywood and stapled it to the plywood like I was stretching a canvas. So the staples wouldn't scratch the Trofast pieces, I used double-sided tape to put a layer of felt on top of the staples. Mr. Lemon was concerned about safety so he somehow attached the two Trofast pieces together (leaving enough distance between them so that the plywood would fit nicely)."

nursery chest of drawers

From twittering bird via OhDeeDoh and Flickr.

They painted the Mandal chest of drawers from IKEA. Can also add a changing table on top for a nursery.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Riley's Nursery

Riley's Nursery
Originally uploaded by jlangdale
From jlangdale's Flickr stream.

Love the squares painted on the wall. What an easy way to add color, pattern, and all those other yummy things! Also like how the crib is positioned perpendicular to the wall. Wonder what advantages that gives you??? It's certainly unexpected.

Prairieguns' Nursery

Originally uploaded by prairieguns
From Prairieguns Flickr.
I like how simple this nursery is, and yet it has a lot of personality. And check out that bassinet! Awesome!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fruit Crate Shelves

How to Build Shelves from Fruit Crates from OhDeeDoh

Directions from OhDeeDoh reader, inkstainedwriter:
"We wanted small bookshelves, but everything we found was pretty expensive. We hit upon a better solution at A.C. Moore where we found fruit crates on sale. We bought six of them and made the shelves out of them. First we cleaned and prepped them.
Then we bought brackets and short screws at Home Depot. We screwed them at the back between each shelf. The wood was thin and there was some cracking, but it turned out pretty solid.
Finally, we bought tiny nails (again, at Home Depot) to nail the front shelves down to the one underneath it."

Great for a kid's room, a sewing room, an exposed pantry, and more!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Birth Announcements

"Birth Announcements" from Oh Happy Day.
Love the idea of a small package wrapped up inside. Would also be a great Christmas card with photos from the year. And because the photos are so small, you could easily print them on your home printer. Awesome!