Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fruit Crate Shelves

How to Build Shelves from Fruit Crates from OhDeeDoh

Directions from OhDeeDoh reader, inkstainedwriter:
"We wanted small bookshelves, but everything we found was pretty expensive. We hit upon a better solution at A.C. Moore where we found fruit crates on sale. We bought six of them and made the shelves out of them. First we cleaned and prepped them.
Then we bought brackets and short screws at Home Depot. We screwed them at the back between each shelf. The wood was thin and there was some cracking, but it turned out pretty solid.
Finally, we bought tiny nails (again, at Home Depot) to nail the front shelves down to the one underneath it."

Great for a kid's room, a sewing room, an exposed pantry, and more!!

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