Sunday, August 15, 2010

Alphabet/Flashcard Party

"Alphabet/Flashcard Party" from Blonde Designs Blog.

What a cute toddler birthday party based on the flashcard concept. Used flashcards as food labels. Favor bags said, "brought to you by the letter Mm." Letter diecuts hang from the chandelier making a clever centerpiece.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

A presidential baby shower

"a presidential baby shower" from Blonde Designs Blog.

Another cute party idea from the girls at Blonde Designs blog. This baby shower would be perfect for my sister (someday!) who had presidential dreams as a child. I love the campaign buttons... I'm a sucker for pins like that.

Although I'm not such a fan of shower games, it might be fun to vote on names, gender, weight, who he/she will look most like, etc. Could have some cute ballot boxes to and voter cards to check off.
"Coupons put in their place!" from Blue Cricket Design.

I am sooo bad about taking coupons and forgetting to use them. I'm not sure that coupons save you a whole lot of money, but there definitely won't save you anything if you don't remember to give them to the cashier.

This handy shopping organizer is super cute. And, just removing it from the cart would remind you to hand your coupons over.

Personalized Stickers

"Personalized Stickers" from Good Look Cookbook.

Maralee made these cute stickers for kid's cups at her family's reunion. Such a great idea! I can totally see using plastic reusable cups as well. I wonder if you could find a sticker that's dishwasher-safe...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Personalized Game Pieces

"Personalized Game Pieces" from Giver's Log.

I love that Amberlee took photos of family members and printed them on shrinky-dinks to make custom game pieces. Aren't shrinky-dinks the best!?!?

Wouldn't this be a cute gift for a board game lover?

Monday, August 2, 2010

Repurpsing Duplo blocks

"DIY Spinny Spellers and repurposing Duplo blocks" from Filth Wizardry.

What a cute way to create words and sentences. More versatile than magnetic poetry. Much more fun than flashcards. This is just playing games.

This image also inspires me to use this strategy for a birthday invitation... use the blocks to spell out the invitation message and take a photo of birthday child holding the tower.

Fabric Stash

"New Addiction" from The Little Green Bean.

Although a bit different than my usual posts here, school is starting back this week and I know that I won't get around to this project anytime soon.

Missy has organized her fabric stash by making here own bolts out of foamboard. She cut the foamboard down to 10 x 7.5--just the perfect size for little scraps.