Monday, April 14, 2008

Nursery Organization

Jackson Calder's Dressing/Changing Area from Apartment Therapy: OhDeeDoh
Another great nursery setup. You'd think I was yearning for a baby or something. Really though, I just want to keep track of these ideas for when that day finally arrives.

This is a great way to organize clothes and small toys in the nursery. I love how it's not baby-specific stuff. Pieces that can be adapted for use later, even in a totally different room. I also like the color scheme of the cloth boxes. Also, note the soft blocks that spell "JACK" on top of the shelves.

Here's what Jack's mom, Kelly, had to say about it:
"We didn't really have much money to spend on new furniture in our nursery. We had the large Ikea Expedit in the room already and really nowhere else to put it. We knew we also needed place for a crib, a chair, a dresser and a changing area. (In fact the crib was the only new piece of furniture we got) We decided to turn the bookcase and dresser into a changing/dressing area similar all the ones we had seen in stores. This also solved our problem of where to put the dresser.

We gave the old brown dresser a new paint job and bought some fancy new hardware. We decided to build a little back to the dresser since there were three cubbies that were somewhat unusable due to the height of the dresser. This way we now actually have 9 cubbies that are hidden behind the dresser which are great for storing things that Jackson is too young for. The rest of the cubbies are where we keep all his clothes. We bought all the bins at Target. Each cubby is for a different item such as pants, onesies, sleepers etc. When he is on the changing table it is much easier for me to just use one hand to reach in a bin and grab a new shirt. I used the label maker to put little labels above each cubby (mostly for my husband). We even have a few extra cubbies for a stereo, toys etc. As for the dresser, the bottom two drawers hold all his sheets, blankets, and towels. The top drawer is for all his cloth diapers. (yup... I said cloth) ;)
My favorite part of this solution is that we only spent a few bucks on paint and wood for the dresser, and the cost of the colored bins. In fact the only new piece of furniture in the room is the crib and that was a gift. I like the idea that you can take something you already have and find a clever solution for it that is practical, saves money, and keeps older furniture from becoming trash."

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