Monday, April 14, 2008

Tote bags

A bevy of tote bags from Martha Stewart Crafts. Found via Oh Happy Day archives.

Maybe the key to this year's Christmas presents!! Everyone gets a personalized tote bag, with fun goodies inside. No need for wrapping that way. Hmm, can I make a man-friendly tote bag?

"Start with a plain canvas bag from a crafts store, and approach it just as you would (suitably enough) a blank canvas. Do you want to add a modern design? Pretty labels? Handy pockets?
Many bags can be transformed with one easy technique: ironing on a design. Vary the art or lettering you affix, and you can customize totes for different family members or specific activities. (Try our Books and Knitting templates, scan art from books, or download from CD-ROMs or the Web.)
Other add-ons involve only simple stitching. Create inside dividers with one quick trick: Sew in a row of pockets from a children's apron. Or fashion outer pockets from fabric. You can spruce up handles, too. Line them with ribbon or replace them with twill tape.
Your tote will hold new appeal -- and not just because of what it's holding."

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