Monday, March 17, 2008

Patterned Vase

Patterned Vase by Making It Lovely.

When I was a kid I decoupaged a glass plate with a patterned napkin for my mom for a gift--it turned out really cool. This is a similar idea with a much more useful vase, and even more versatility since there's no glue involved. This might be what my friends get for Christmas this year!! Could I possibly etch the glass to make it even more personal?!?

"You’ll need a simple, straight-sided vase. If you plan on putting fresh flowers inside, you’ll need a smaller vase or container to fit inside and hold the water (I used a little flower pot). You’ll also need a large sheet of paper, scissors, a pencil, and some tape.

Materials for a Patterned Vase

My flower pot only went about halfway down, so I trimmed my tulips to a length that would look good when they were set inside the larger vase.

Checking for Fit

I set the vase on its side, and rolled it along the paper, tracing the top and bottom arc with a pencil. Then I cut out the shape while Violet watched. :)

Tracing the Vase

Cut Out the Shape

I set the paper inside the vase to check for fit. It was a little tall, so I just traced around the top with a pencil and then trimmed it down.

After Trimming

I set the smaller container inside, and that’s it! A simple, quick project."

The Finished Patterned Vase

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