Thursday, March 13, 2008

Leather Case

Leather Case from the Blueprint blog.
Love this. Could totally see them lined up on a shelf, holding important papers. Maybe photos from a special trip.

"Print this pattern out, and play around on a photocopier until it's the size you want (for my business-card cases, the template measures about nine inches across, from tip to tip). Then trace it onto leather. Using a mini hole-punch (the kind scrapbookers like), make small holes at each of the four tips, as shown on the pattern.
Now just fold the leather into an envelope shape: Bring the left and right flaps inward and line up the holes. Hold them together with a great little piece of hardware called a button-stud. Insert the back piece of the button-stud up through the holes in the flaps. Then fold the bottom flap of the envelope upward, securing its hole over the stud -- I also put some glue beneath the edges of this flap to help it stay flat. Now just screw on the front piece of the button-stud, and push it through the hold on the top flap."

Button studs found at: Standing Bear's Trading Post and Tandy Leather Factory

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