Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Painted Door Mat

Painted Door Mat, from DIY: Home and Garden. I love door mat projects. That sounds silly, but I really do. The bold graphics on this one just caught my eye. Here are the directions:


• 4 different colours of spray paint
• A coir doormat, 40cm x 65cm
• Cutting mat (or your kitchen cutting board)
• 10cm diameter cardboard mail tube
• Access to a computer, printer (and photocopier if necessary)
• Ruler, scissors, craft knife and coloured felt pens
• Double-sided tape and 18mm masking tape

Step 11 Choose a plain typeface on your computer – we used Ariel – and type in capital letters: WELCOME HOME. Enlarge it to 300-point type and print out. (If your computer won’t allow you to do this, enlarge the letters on the photocopier till they are approx. 7.5cm high.) You will need three sets of type, so you have enough for spares. Cut out the letters into individual rectangles and back them with double-sided tape. Cut to shape.

Step 22 Take the mailing tube and measure off into 7cm wide sections. You will need at least six. These form the circle stencil and small spray booths. Cut into sections with the craft knife.

Step 23 Take the coir mat and place the tape around all edges. Using your tube sections as a measuring guide, create a grid with the masking tape to create 12 squares.

Step 44 Draw up a grid using the letters and the felt pens as a guide to the order of the letters and colours. Peel off the backing from the letters and place them in the centre of each square on the mat according to your guide. Place the cardboard tubes over the letters and spray one colour at a time. Spray remaining circles and allow to dry thoroughly. Peel off masking tape and letters to reveal the pattern.

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