Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Baby Shower Story Box

"A Story Box" by Kelly Wilkinson, guest blogging at Design Mom.

Oh my... this idea is too perfect for someone I know (who probably won't be having children for another 5 years or so and hopefully isn't reading--however, if you are, would you let me know so I don't post anymore secrets. thanks, dear!)!

What other baby shower ideas could you come up with around writing, stories, etc?
  • Everyone brings a storybook
  • Favors are mini-journals and pencils
  • Theme--"the next chapter of your life"

All this takes is a sturdy wooden box (a cigar box is ideal) covered with some dreamy illustrations, and digging into your shared memories to come up with a few stories that reveal something about the mom-to-be. We all wrote two or three story prompts that Robyn (or her daughter, when she gets old enough) can pull out and use as a starting point for a story. A card inside the box reads “Tell Ada A Story About…” and the handwritten cards take it from there.

The cards we wrote for Robyn included trips that she and her husband took before having kids…famous (and infamous) stories about our parents…and sweet sentiments about what Robyn imagined her son or daughter would be like.

One of the things I love about this project is that it’s a collective expression, and it manages to capture a wide range of feeling and love and history without being too treacley. Perfect for someone like Robyn, who won’t let you linger too long on why she’s a kickass sister, mom and friend."

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