Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fabric Memory Game

"Memory Game" from Hallmark Magazine.

Unfortunately my nephew is getting a little old for this--maybe, I could squeeze it in for his birthday! A photoshoot might be in order at Christmas!! But I definitely want to remember it for future toddler gifts.

"Make This Game!
You’ll need:
  • 18 digital images, sized at 2 x 2 inches (if you don’t have photo software, try
  • 6 sheets ink-jet-printable fabric
  • Scissors
  • 1 yard 36-inch-wide wool felt
  • ½ yard 45-inch-wide printed cotton fabric
  • Acid-free glue stick
  • Sewing machine
  • Zigzag pinking shears
  1. Print out two copies of each picture on photo fabric; cut out the image, leaving a white border around all sides so that you end up with a 3 x 3-inch square.
  2. Cut wool felt into seventy-two 4 x 4-inch squares.
  3. Cut printed cotton fabric into thirty-six 4 x 4-inch squares.
  4. To make a tile, stack the fabric layers as follows: Place the cotton printed side down. Place two layers of wool felt on top of the cotton. Then center the photo fabric, image side up, on the stack. Before you sew, dot a bit of glue between each layer to hold all four pieces together without pinning (a pin might leave a hole in the photo-fabric layer).
  5. Machine-stitch through the tile layers around the outline of the photo. (The bottom layers are a bit larger than the photo fabric, so it’s easy to keep all the layers lined up.)
  6. Trim all the layers of the tile at once with pinking shears, leaving a narrow white border around the image.

You’ll need:
  • Sewing machine
  • Two 10 x 12-inch pieces of cotton calico (for the bag)
  • Scissors
  • Two 10 x 12-inch pieces of contrasting cotton calico (for the lining)
  • 3/4 yard of 1/4-inch-wide ribbon
  • Needle and thread
Finished size: 9 x 11 inches
Seam allowance: 1/2 inch (13 millimeters), unless otherwise noted
  1. With the right sides of the front and back bag pieces together, stitch the long edges of the bag. Stitch the bottom edge of the bag. Trim the corners, press the seams open and turn the bag right-side out.
  2. To make the lining, place the right sides of the front and back lining pieces together and stitch the long edges. Stitch across the bottom of the lining, leaving a 5-inch opening through which you will turn the bag. Trim corners and press the seams open.
  3. With right sides together, place the bag into the lining (the outside of the lining will be facing you). With the top edges even, stitch around the top of the bag through both layers. Pull the outer bag through the opening in the lining. Turn in the edges of the opening in the lining and stitch the opening closed. Stuff the lining inside the bag and press the top edge.
  4. To make the ribbon tie, fold the ribbon in half. At the fold, hand-stitch the ribbon to the outside of the bag at one of the side seams—about 2 inches below the top edge of the bag—being careful not to stitch through the lining. Wrap the ribbon around the bag, and tie in a bow to close."

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