Friday, November 21, 2008

Holiday stick stars

"The Holiday Crafting begins...with stick stars" from Molly Irwin, inspired by A Foothill Home Companion.

These NEED to adorn my home!! All year long!!

"A trip to the backyard, or better yet, a nature walk, will yield the supplies you need: 5 sticks, approximately the same size. Or multiple reeds (from Molly Irwin)

Lay the sticks in a star pattern.

Hold the star in place with clothespins.

Tie the sticks together (at each intersection of the pentagon within the star) with string, yarn, thread or even floss.

Tie another string at the top of the star if you wish to hang your creation."


modern eve said...

i think these are so cool! i want to make some! i love everything you post!

**Shae** said...
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**Shae** said...

Love these....thanks for sharing.....Happy Thanksgiving!