Wednesday, November 5, 2008

DIY: Ottoman

"Make Yourself an Ottoman"
found at Blueprint's blog via CasaSugar.

If only I could find those exact pillows... they would totally match our new bedroom!
  1. Choose two cushions. You could use regular sofa cushions, but for a more streamlined look, purchase box-edged floor cushions.
  2. Measure the cushions.
  3. Have a piece of wood cut to the size of your cushion at your local lumber store.
  4. Choose a paint color for the ottoman's wood base.Then paint the wood and let dry.
  5. Choose your casters. You'll need four.
  6. Drill four holes in the wood — all approximately 2 inches in from each corner — and screw the casters into the holes.
  7. Flip over so the casters are on the floor, and stack both cushions on top of the wood platform.
  8. For best results, use a nonslippery fabric on the cushions, such as canvas. Silkier fabrics tend to slip, which isn't conducive to ottoman relaxation!

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